Loyola University Chicago

Catholic Studies

Catholic Studies Minor


Our mission is to expose our minors to the ever-expanding intellectual and artistic tradition that is Roman Catholicism. We recognize that Catholicism is diverse and broad in its history, its people, its teaching, and its practices. At Loyola, we encounter various perspectives from around the world, and we encourage our minors to bring this deep perspective to the table.


Loyola’s Catholic Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that incorporates courses in philosophy, theology, history, literature, classical studies, political science, and the arts. Students in the program:

  • Focus on the multicultural, multidisciplinary phenomenon of Roman Catholicism.
  • Explore the Catholic intellectual tradition as a set of developing meanings and values that informs the lives of Catholic communities.
  • Learn about the developing nature of Catholic beliefs and practices through history, especially Catholicism’s relationship with modern Western culture and political institutions.
  • Discover what is often called the “Catholic imagination” in the production and expression of culture through literature, art, theater, and music.
  • Study and engage in Catholic social teaching, issues of justice, and what the Church calls “the preferential option for the poor.”