Loyola University Chicago

Catholic Studies

Thursday Nights

Every Thursday, we meet at Ignatius House for a talk (8 p.m.), mass (9 p.m.), and refreshments (after mass). All are welcome. If there's class, there's mass (and a pre-mass talk!). Catholic Studies and AMDG cooperate to put on the talk every Thursday.

Thursday Night Catholic Studies Talk Series: 
Goodness, Truth, and Beauty

The unity of the good, the true, and the beautiful is an ancient idea that both inspires and is inspired by the Catholic tradition throughout the ages. We can come to know truth through beauty, encounter goodness through knowing the truth, and discover beauty in what is good. We can better become better acquainted with God through all three, as their unitary source. Come join us for a conversation about all that is good, true, and beautiful! 

Fr. Jayme Stayer "Faith as Doubt, Prayer as Mystery"
September 1st, 8 pm, Ignatius House




Previous Series: Ideas that Change Lives (Academic Year 2021–2022)

Prof. John Breen "The Truth in Love: Catholicism and Living an Integrated Life"
April 26th, 8 pm, Ignatius House

Fr. Jayme Stayer "Obstacles to Grace"
March 31st, 8 pm, Ignatius House


Michael Murphy "Learning How to See (or Beauty Will Save the World)"
March 17th, 8 pm, Ignatius House


Jeffrey Fisher "All Things Are Vanity"
February 24th, 8 pm, Ignatius House


Naomi Fisher "What Dostoevsky Taught Me About Fear, Lies, Learning and Growing"
December 9th, 8 pm, Ignatius House


Hon. Thomas More Donnelly "Criminal Defendants Evangelized Me: Being a Cathlic Public Defender"
October 28th, 8 pm, Ignatius House


Fr. Paddy Gilger "Incarnation in a Secular Age"
October 14th, 8 pm, Ignatius House


Richard Kim "How Dorothy Day Changed my Life"
September 30th, 8 pm, Ignatius House



Joe Vukov "Souls and Bodies: Catholic Anthropology in an Age of Science"
September 16th, 8 pm, Cuneo 109