Loyola University Chicago

Catholic Studies

Thursday Nights

Every Thursday, we meet at Ignatius House for a talk, mass, and refreshments at Ignatius house. All are welcome. If there's class, there's mass (and a pre-mass talk!). Catholic Studies and AMDG cooperate to put on the talk every Thursday. See the list of events below for the Catholic Studies 2021–2022 series: Ideas that Change Lives.

Thursday Night Catholic Studies Talk Series: Ideas that Change Lives

Come join us for a conversation with a Loyola faculty member about an idea that had a transformative impact on his or her faith life. 

Fr. Jayme Stayer "Obstacles to Grace"
March 31st, 8 pm, Ignatius House


Michael Murphy "Learning How to See (or Beauty Will Save the World)"
March 17th, 8 pm, Ignatius House


Jeffrey Fisher "All Things Are Vanity"
February 24th, 8 pm, Ignatius House


Naomi Fisher "What Dostoevsky Taught Me About Fear, Lies, Learning and Growing"
December 9th, 8 pm, Ignatius House


Hon. Thomas More Donnelly "Criminal Defendants Evangelized Me: Being a Cathlic Public Defender"
October 28th, 8 pm, Ignatius House


Fr. Paddy Gilger "Incarnation in a Secular Age"
October 14th, 8 pm, Ignatius House


Richard Kim "How Dorothy Day Changed my Life"
September 30th, 8 pm, Ignatius House



Joe Vukov "Souls and Bodies: Catholic Anthropology in an Age of Science"
September 16th, 8 pm, Cuneo 109