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Major/Minor of the Month - Sara Fecko
Sara Fecko
Majors & Minors
Music and Chemistry Majors, Catholic Studies Minor
Arlington Heights, IL

Why did you choose to become a CS Minor: The Catholic Studies Minor at Loyola encompasses both the academic drive as well as a great community of students and faculty. We are all passionate enough to challenge each other and become better thinkers because of it.


What is a fond memory you’ve had as a CS minor: I enjoyed being a part of the John Courtney Murray Forum on Divinely Intended Tensions last semester. It brought together the academic and artistic disciplines I find most fascinating and I got to work closely with incredible people I didn’t know before.


Best Catholic Studies class taken at Loyola: All Things Ignatian: Living and Learning in the Jesuit Tradition


Favorite Service Experience: babysitting at the Well of Mercy


Most important invention: the microwave


Inspiration to do Good: other people, namely the people who I admire for their drive to do good


Favorite Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You


Pet Peeve: spotty wifi


Qualities valued in a person: honesty, willingness to communicate, passion


Most Delicious Item at Portillos: cheesy fries!


Favorite Season: Fall


Favorite Green Vegetable: spinach


Favorite Olympic Sport (Summer or Winter): figure skating


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