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Major/Minor of the Month - Jay Egan
James Egan
Majors & Minors
Philosophy and Catholic Studies

Why did you choose to become a CS Minor: I realized that studying about Catholicism was a common thread in all of my interests and classes, so I thought I may as well be official about it.


What is a fond memory you’ve had as a CS minor: I love meeting and talking to the other Catholic Studies minors here, there are some really wonderful and interesting students here.


Favorite Saint: St. Catherine of Siena


Favorite Catholic Author: Evelyn Waugh


Best Catholic Studies class taken at Loyola: Old Testament


Favorite Service Experience: Taking communion to the sick and homebound


Most important idea of all time: Probably Aristotle’s four causes


Most important invention: The swivel chair, though the umbrella comes in a close second


Inspiration to do Good: To be able to be part of God’s healing and mercy for others


Central idea of Catholic thought that intrigues you: The idea of the Incarnation, that God become man. I mean, that’s an astonishing idea and I think the reality of that changes everything.


Pet Peeve: When people don’t reflect on their experiences and their beliefs


Favorite type of Music/ Favorite Song: Anything by Sergei Rachmaninov


Any Body Piercings or Tattoos: Hmm


Crazy fad went through in the past: There was this one week where I was an anarchist, a libertarian and a communist and it was very confusing


Qualities valued in a person: intelligence, authenticity and compassion


If named the president of Loyola, what would you do as your first presidential act: Get better smelling soap


Nicknames: Jay


Pizza Topping: Pepperoni.


Favorite Season: Fall


Dream Travel Destination: Anywhere in France


Something you couldn’t give up if you tried: Coffee


Meet anyone past or present, who would it be? St. Catherine of Siena, she’s my favorite


If you could be omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, or omnibenevolent, which would it be? I think to be any of them you’d have to be all of them. I’d be content being all of them.


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