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Major Minor of The Month

Major/Minor of the Month - Megan Lynch
Megan Lynch
Majors & Minors
Major: Communication Studies Minor: Catholic Studies, International Studies, & Studio Art
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Why did you choose to become a CS Minor:


I became a Catholic Studies minor because I wanted to explore my faith in different ways. I’ve always loved Retreats and Campus Ministry, and I’ve had amazing experiences with these programs at Loyola, but Catholic Studies gives me a way to approach the big theological questions through interdisciplinary academics. I love that I can read a short story, experience a play, or delve into a religious text and they can all inform my faith (and I get class credit!).


What is a fond memory you’ve had as a CS minor:

I absolutely loved my All Things Ignatian class. It’s the class every Catholic Studies minor is required to take, and I took it with Dr. Murphy and Lauren Schwer who are both fabulous. I distinctly remember our retreat at LUREC – it was a mix of sitting in a circle discussing Ignatian spirituality with Father John Murphy and sitting in a circle playing mafia with each other. It was everything I love about Catholic Studies – deeply profound conversations, wonderful people, and a little bit of silliness.


Favorite Saint:

Margaret of Scotland


Career Goals and Aspirations:

I don’t have a distinct career that I’m working towards, but I know I want to interact with a lot of people, be creative, work in a hands-on environment, and make at least one person smile everyday. I’m pretty open.


Favorite Catholic Author:

Flannery O’Connor


Best Catholic Studies class taken at Loyola:

I took a Liberation Theology course with Dr. Miguel Diaz my sophomore year that was great! I wrote a paper about ecofeminist liberation theology and the cool part was that I actually knew what I was talking about. It opened my eyes to the idea of base communities and Church at a very local level, which I love. 


Favorite Service Experience:

I was a Book Buddy through Open Books – I sat with first graders and read with them for a few hours a week. It was great to hang out with the kids who maybe

don’t get a lot of one-on-one attention, and help them fall in love with books the way I did when I was their age. 


Most important idea of all time:



Most important invention:

I REALLY like toasters! But probably plumbing.


Inspiration to do Good:

Experiencing genuine connections with people, especially strangers.


Central idea of Catholic thought that intrigues you:

The connection between spirituality and the environment.


Favorite Movie:

Pride & Prejudice (2004, obviously)


Pet Peeve:

People talking over each other


Favorite Food:



Favorite type of Music/ Favorite Song:

Bastille’s new album has been playing nonstop on my iTunes since it was released!


Any Body Piercings or Tattoos:

Just my ears!


Crazy fad went through in the past:

In 4th grade I wore a white polo shirt and a khaki skort to school every single day.


Qualities valued in a person:

Honesty, kindness, positivity, passion


If named the president of Loyola, what would you do as your first presidential act:

Promote the arts programs! I want students to be able to get into all of the plays, musicals, and concerts for free the same way we can get into most home sports games.



Megsy Bogues (I don’t know why), Peg


Most Delicious Item at Portillos:

Italian beef


Pizza Topping:

Italian sausage


Favorite Season:

Fall! Knitwear weather!


Dream Travel Destination:



Guilty Pleasure:

90’s girl music (Alanis Morissette, Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton)


Something you couldn’t give up if you tried:



Favorite Green Vegetable:



Meet anyone past or present, who would it be?:

Dave Grohl


If you could be omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, or omnibenevolent, which would it be?:

Is none an option? That’s too much knowledge/expectation for one person!


Favorite Olympic Sport (Summer or Winter):

Ski jump