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Major/Minor of the Month - Jenna Meyers
Jenna Meyers
Major & Minors
Major: Economics Minors: Catholic Studies, Theatre, Business Administration
Oak Park, California

Why did you choose to become a CS Minor: I became a Catholic Studies minor because I enjoy thinking critically about my faith and studying Catholicism through various lenses which the interdisciplinary nature of the minor provides.

What is a fond memory you’ve had as a CS minor: The semiannual pasta feed at Ignatius House and meeting with the whole CS community to talk about life, studies, and get to know each other. These dinners really make the CS minor feel like a community and family.

Favorite Saint: St. Maximilian Kolbe

Career Goals and Aspirations:  Some of the ideas I entertain on a daily basis are: Arts Management, Fundraising and Development, Higher Education, Campus Ministry

Best Catholic Studies class taken at Loyola: Roman Catholicism with Colby Dickinson

Favorite Service Experience: Sophomore year I worked at the food pantry at St. Ignatius church every Friday morning. I not only thoroughly enjoyed caring for the various men and women that passed through but also got to know my fellow volunteers well.

Most important idea of all time: Equality

Most important invention: Microwave

Central idea of Catholic thought that intrigues you: Women’s role in the Catholic Church.

Favorite Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life

Pet Peeve: When squirrels bite through the window screens and come into my apartment.

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite type of Music/ Favorite Song: Favorite band right now is Jukebox the Ghost but I have a very eclectic music taste.

Any Body Piercings or Tattoos: Just ear piercings!

Crazy fad went through in the past: When I was in middle school I would only wear a few particular t-shirts and basketball shorts every single day. I wouldn’t wear anything else!

Qualities valued in a person: Kindness, mutual respect, trust, understanding

If named the president of Loyola, what would you do as your first presidential act: I would take a serious look at our campus partners and the resources that are available to us that we use poorly or not at all.

Nicknames: none

Most Delicious Item at Portillo’s: Chocolate Cake Shake!!!

Pizza Topping: pepperoni or green peppers

Favorite Season: Fall

Dream Travel Destination: I would love to visit Turkey and take a week-long train journey across the country.

Guilty Pleasure: I love coming home and watching some crappy Netflix show while I cook dinner.

Favorite Green Vegetable: Brussel sprouts

Meet anyone past or present, who would it be?  Bing Crosby

If you could be omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, or omnibenevolent, which would it be? Omnibenevolent

Favorite Olympic Sport (Summer or Winter):  I love the winter Olympics and really like watching the Luge or Skelton. Someone tell me how they learn to do that!