Learning Portfolio Program Learning Outcomes

As a result of developing a learning portfolio, students will be able to…

1. Integrate learning across disciplines with curricular and co-curricular experiences 
2. Synthesize out-of-classroom and in-classroom learning experiences through reflection
3. Demonstrate critical reflection on Loyola’s mission through knowledge, skills, and values
4. Demonstrate critical reflection upon intellectual, personal, professional, and civic learning within the context of the Loyola Experience (Community, Commitment, Engagement, and Create Your Future)
5. Identify personal development and growth through reflection on knowledge, skills, and values


Learning Portfolio Recommended Syllabus Insert

As a part of this course, you will be using learning portfolios to document your learning, growth, and make connections between course content and beyond-the-classroom experiences. You will be integrating your learning through critically reflective assignments and teaching methods to create new understanding of material and deepen your learning experiences that will be visually displayed on your learning portfolio. As you will be submitting your portfolio for assignment(s), you are encouraged to seek outside feedback from peers, other instructors, and advisors on content and structure of your work to deeper engage in learning. Visit the Learning Portfolio page for additional resources.