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Course Portfolio Examples

Diego Cardenas - BIOL 265


Alyssa Anderson - BIOL 395L


Savanna Nalamliang - BIOL 395L


Sophia Moore - BIOL 395L

2023 Learning Portfolio Reflection Award Recipients

Nina Jackson - Biology and Dance Major, 2023


Grace Herman - Theatre Major, 2025


Molly Kaiser - Dance and Psychology Major, 2023


2023 Spring ASPIRE Scholarship Recipients

2022 Learning Portfolio Reflection Award Recipients

Katie Nowak - Theatre Major


Alysha Grancorvitz - Performing Arts Major

Featured Portfolios from EXPL 390

Featured Portfolios from EXPL 391

Anna Bryant

"Overall, this class has been a great experience, and I feel that I have gained more confidence in my research skills. I am looking forward to building on what I have learned this semester as I do more research over the summer."


Bela Woller

"It was interesting to compare our discussions in class to this current research project, and it was fun to hear about the other students' projects as well. I found that our readings, as well as discussions on how to make an effective poster and presentation, will be especially helpful in the future -- both in this project and any others."



Bridget Deasy

"The Experiential Learning class has benefitted me immensely with preparing to present my findings in a professional environment next semester. This research project can produce very interesting findings that I will present to multiple sources to spread awareness through evidence-based research to many."