A learning portfolio is a digital collection of student work, reflections, and educational experiences that demonstrate a student’s work over time, showcasing skills, abilities, values, and experiences.

The learning portfolio gallery represents the four types of portfolios at Loyola Chicago:

Learning Portfolios can be a powerful catalyst for integrative learning and holistic development as well as a tool for self-branding and professional development. 

Portfolios featured in the 2020-2021 CEL Impact Report

Alex Harman (Password: EXPL 390)

Perla Solano

Autumn Eales

Morgan McHose

Hanna Shawabkeh

Sophia Barnard

Tenzing Sherpa

Learning Portfolios can:

  • Encourage engagement in active reflection and meaning-making
  • Foster reflection on the principles central to an academic discipline and the university as a whole
  • Facilitate the integration of topics and themes across disciplines and over time
  • Provide a forum to synthesize work and share that work with others
  • Contribute to holistic development in multiple ways, including personal development, academic development, and career development
  • Provide a resource for demonstrating skills, abilities, and experiences in the job-search process