Featured Portfolios from EXPL 390

Bernardo Gomez

Screenshot of Bernardo Gomez' portolio. It features a professional photo of Bernardo, as well as a photo of Bernardo with Lori Lightfoot

Veronica Garrick

A screenshot of Veronica Garrick's portfolio. One photo is a close up of Veronica, the other is of San Francisco General Manager, Nelly, and one of their unhoused friends, Marty.

Alisha Sayani

A screenshot of Alisha Sayani's portfolio. It features a photo of Alisha and an introduction.


Featured Portfolios from EXPL 391

Anna Bryant

"Overall, this class has been a great experience, and I feel that I have gained more confidence in my research skills. I am looking forward to building on what I have learned this semester as I do more research over the summer."

Bela Woller

"It was interesting to compare our discussions in class to this current research project, and it was fun to hear about the other students' projects as well. I found that our readings, as well as discussions on how to make an effective poster and presentation, will be especially helpful in the future -- both in this project and any others."

Bridget Deasy

"The Experiential Learning class has benefitted me immensely with preparing to present my findings in a professional environment next semester. This research project can produce very interesting findings that I will present to multiple sources to spread awareness through evidence-based research to many."


Featured Portfolios from the Social Justice Internship

Olivia Martel

Screenshot of Olivia Martel's SJI portfolio. This image features a candid picture of Olivia wearing a mask, and a photo of a May calendar.

Giselle Hernandez

Screenshot of Giselle Hernandez' portfolio. It features information about Giselle's SJI internship with GirlForward.

Esther Marcos

 Screenshot of Esther Marcos' SJI portfolio. It features a picture of Esther and an introductory paragraph about her.


Portfolios featured in the CELTS 2021-2022 Impact Report


Tara Krkljes

Daniel Lamoureux

Alana Paul

Michelle Peters