Every year, thousands of Loyola students work with hundreds of organizations through community-based learning experiences to fulfill their University Engaged Learning requirement. To support these relationships and the safety and security of Loyola students, faculty, staff, and community partners, the Center for Engaged Learning, Teaching, & Scholarship has instituted the following policy:

In any situation where a Loyola student is completing their Engaged Learning requirement at an off-campus organization, all interaction with clients should take place:

  1. In a public setting (e.g., organizational office building, community center, or local business) OR
  2. In the immediate presence of another Loyola student or a staff member from the partnering organization.

Additionally, Loyola students should never ride in the private vehicle of a client, nor should they transport a client in the student’s private vehicle. This policy applies regardless of the number of students or staff members present.

Examples of activities that violate this policy:

  • An individual student visiting the home of a client of a community organization.
  • A Loyola student riding in a client’s private vehicle or transporting a client in the Loyola student’s private vehicle.

The above examples should be modified by one of the following ways:

  • Loyola students work in groups of two or more when making an in-home visit to a client.
  • A staff member of the partnering organization accompanies a Loyola student on any in-home visit to a client.
  • In-home visits are relocated to a nearby coffee shop, park, or other public location.
  • All travel by Loyola students should be independent of clients or done via public transportation.