Social Media Best Practices

For students engaged in Community Based Learning opportunities, academic internships, service, research and/or ePortfolio the Center for Engaged Learning, Teaching, & Scholarship have listed below best practices on how to use social media:

1.      Check First! When starting your Community Based Learning opportunity, check with your site supervisor regarding the organization’s social media requirements and policy.

2.      Maintain confidentiality! – Do not post personal, confidential, and/or proprietary information about individuals in your class or at your place of community based learning; i.e. community partner sites, on campus employment, etc. Remember you are representing Loyola University Chicago and your respective community based learning site.

3.      Be professional! – Whether it is personal, professional, or school related, remember that nothing is truly private on social media. Think about pictures, comments, videos, and people, before you post. Your actions and statements have the ability to not only affect yourself, but also others internally and externally of the university.