Loyola University Chicago

Community Relations

Campus Plan 2014-2024

"University campuses are never complete. They are manifestations of vitality. Ideas are continuously renewed and reborn. Campuses are venues of constant change and renewal on all planes—spiritual, intellectual, physical."
—Charles Craig, LEED AP

In 2004, Loyola University Chicago embarked upon a campus planning process to develop the vision for the future of the lake shore campus according to the academic, co-curricular and residential needs of the population and development needs of the surrounding neighborhood. Meetings with students, local Aldermen, stakeholders and residents resulted in the 2005-2015 Campus plan prepared by Dober, Lidsky, Craig and Associates.

As Loyola has come to the completion of that plan, we are relaunching the process to look ahead to the next 10 years.

Click here to view the *draft* Campus Plan 2014–2024.

For more information, contact Jennifer Clark, Associate Vice President for Campus and Community Planning, jclark7@luc.edu.