Field of Study: Computer Science

Software Development Consultant at Protiviti; Instructor at Girls Who Code

Headshot of Madelyn Nelson

Fields: Software Development, Web Design and Development, Mobile Development
Professional Activity: Custom Software Development Consultant at Protiviti (2017-), Freelance Mobile Application Developer at Elkhart Brass (2017-2018), Coding Instructor and Developer at the South Bend Code School (2016-2017), Software Developer at the Alliance for Catholic Education (2016-2017)

Fields: Computer Science, English, Digital Media

Professional Activity: Girls Who Code TA (Summer 2018), Elementary School Daycare Teacher (2017-2018)

Instructor in Digital Humanities and Textual Studies

Liz Hopwood

Fields: digital archives, history of the book & print culture

Professional Activity: Project Manager, Early Caribbean Digital Archive; core developer and outreach lead, Our Marathon: The Boston Bombing Digital Archive; Managing Editor, Digital Humanities Quarterly

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Faculty Advisor: Kyle Roberts

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Webpage Coordinator: Tyler Monaghan

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