CTSDH Graduate Fellow; Master’s Student, Computer Science 


Fields: Software Development, Software Testing, UX Design, Web Design, Cloud & Machine Learning

Professional Activity: Software Developer Intern at Peapod Propulsion Lab (2017 - ), CTSDH Fellow (2017- ), Graduate Teaching Assistant in Loyola Computer Science Department (2016- ), System Engineer at Infosys Technologies Ltd. (2014-2015), Programmer Analyst at Cognizant Technology Solutions. (2012-2014)

CTSDH Undergraduate Fellow; Undergraduate Student, Economics & Global and International Studies


Ezgi Ilhan bio picture

Fields: Global and International Studies, Economics, French

Professional Activity: Blue Cross Blue Shields (June 2017 - Present), CTSDH Fellow (2017), Intern at the Quebec Delegation Chicago (Fall 2016), Fellow at The Chicago Public Education Fund (Summer 2016), Intern at Interfaith Legal Services for Immigrants (Summer 2015)

Instructor in Digital Humanities and Textual Studies

Liz Hopwood

Fields: digital archives, history of the book & print culture

Professional Activity: Project Manager, Early Caribbean Digital Archive; core developer and outreach lead, Our Marathon: The Boston Bombing Digital Archive; Managing Editor, Digital Humanities Quarterly

Software Development Consultant at Protiviti; Instructor at Girls Who Code

Headshot of Madelyn Nelson

Fields: Software Development, Web Design and Development, Mobile Development
Professional Activity: Custom Software Development Consultant at Protiviti (2017-), Freelance Mobile Application Developer at Elkhart Brass (2017-2018), Coding Instructor and Developer at the South Bend Code School (2016-2017), Software Developer at the Alliance for Catholic Education (2016-2017)

Director CTSDH (2016-); Assistant Professor of Public History and New Media, History Department

Kyle Roberts

Fields: Classification, Critical Curation, Digital Archives, Digital Libraries, Digitization, History of the Book and Print Culture, Mapping/GIS, Project Management, Public History, Social Web


Professional Activity: CTSDH Director (2016-); Partner, Community Libraries: Building Community in the Atlantic World, 1650-1850; New Media Editor,; co-creator of the Dissenting Academies Online: Virtual Library System.

CTSDH Graduate Fellow; Master’s Student, Digital Humanities

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Textual Studies – Paleography, Text Analysis, Text Encoding, Textual Scholarship, Digital Editions;

Digital Humanities – Computational Analytics, Critical Curation, Data Visualization, Digital Ethics, Digital Tools, e-Publishing, Macroanalysis, Mapping/GIS, Markup and Programming Languages, Natural Language Processing, Network Analysis, Project Management, Social Research, Social Web, Web Archives;

Public History - Digital Archives, Digital Libraries, Digitization

Professional Activity: CTSDH Fellow (2017- ),  Cudahy Library Graduate Reference Assistant (2017- ),  Web Content Manager and Metadata Consultant for West Overton Village and Museums of Scottsdale, Pennsylvania (2017- ), Web Content Manager and Text Encoding Consultant for Black Rock History Project of Fairfield, Connecticut (2016- ),  Post-baccalaureate Technical Assistant of the Center for the Digital Text at the University of Pittsburg at Greensburg (2016-2017), Digital Humanities Teaching and Research Assistant at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg (2014-2016), Editor of the Digital Mitford Project (2014- ),  Project Manager and Senior Editor of the Restoration of Nell Nelson Project (2014- ).

Relevant Publications: "A GitHub 'Garage' for a Digital Humanities Course" with Dr. Elisa Beshero-Bondar, in New Directions for Computing Education: Embedding Computing Across Disciplines, (Springer International Publishing, 2017).

CTSDH Graduate Fellow; Master’s Student, Digital Humanities

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Textual Studies - Diplomatics, Historical Criticism, Paleography, Scholarly Editions, Text Analysis, Textual Scholarship.

Digital Humanities - Computational Analytics, Critical Infrastructure, Data Visualization, Digital Archives, Digital Ethics, Digital Libraries, Mapping/GIS, Social Research. 

Professional Activity: CTSDH Fellow (2017-present)

CTSDH Graduate Fellow; Master’s Student, Digital Humanities

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Fields: French, manuscript studies, web design, text encoding

Professional Activity:CTSDH Fellow (2017- ), Presented at Bucknell University Digital Scholarship Conference 2016, International Congress of Medieval Studies 2017