3D Printing Guidelines

1. Set-Up & Clean-Up

- The individual or group using the room will be responsible for its set-up and clean-up. If light refreshments are served, the individual or group shall throw the trash in the dustbins outside of the rooms and bag all residue. Failure to clean up the room satisfactorily can result in cancellation of any future use of the rooms by that individual or group.

- After using the room, it should be left in an organized manner by restoring the chairs, tables and printers to their original locations.

2. Room Reservations

- Room should be reserved from the CTSDH Room Reservation form: http://luc.edu/ctsdh/resources/ctsdhroomreservation/ The CTSDH is open M-F, 10 am - 4 pm

- Rooms and printers should be reserved a minimum 24 hours prior to use to avoid conflicts.

- CTSDH rooms are available first to CTSDH faculty, staff, and fellows who may reserve the rooms for workshops, meetings, and events. If there is a scheduled CTSDH event, the room will not be available. Also, please respect other groups’ reservations and be ready to vacate the room before the start of the next reservation.

- The schedule of CTSDH events can be found here.

- Special permission from Dr. Kyle Roberts is needed to reserve the room after 4pm or on the weekends.

- Use of the rooms shall be conducted in a manner which will not interfere with normal CTSDH operations.

3. Use of 3D Printers

- Individuals or groups are responsible and accountable for the use, care, and proper clean-up of the 3D printers during their appointment.

- Individuals or groups may only use the 3D printers during times that they have reserved.

- Individuals or groups must remove their print job and have the printer cleaned up before the next scheduled 3D printing appointment. CTSDH is not responsible for any damage done to the model if CTSDH fellows have to remove the model from the 3D printer.

- Any damage to 3D Printers will be the responsibility of the individual or group using it. Specific fines may be charged and the group will not be allowed to use the printer in the future.

- 3D Printers shall not be operated unattended. There should be at least one person in the room at all times while the printers are in operation.

- These printers get extremely hot and risk of fire is a reality. No flammable material should be anywhere near the extruders or the printing bed / platform.

- 3D Printers should be turned off and unplugged when not in use.

- If any of the printers are not working, please do not try to fix it. Contact your instructor instead.

Failure to abide by the CTSDH rules may result in loss of the privilege to reserve and use rooms and 3D printers.