Data Cleaning Workshop

Data Cleaning Workshop

Dr. Catherine Nichols from the Department of Anthropology will conduct a workshop on Friday, November 15, from 2:30-3:30 PM at Loyola Hall 318. 

Digital Humanities (DH) tools offer innovative approaches to working with textual data. While data sets are increasingly available in digital formats, these “raw” formats usually require modification prior to analysis. The preparation of data for computational analysis is commonly referred to as “data cleaning”. While there are a range of methods and tools for data cleaning, this workshop will focus on guiding novice users through processes to “clean” a tabular data set using OpenRefine. A discussion of a range of issues surrounding “data cleaning” will follow. 

No experience necessary; participants are encouraged to bring a laptop and should download OpenRefine (3.2) prior to the workshop: 


Please RSVP to Dr. Elizabeth Hopwood at