Michelangelo Zaccarello to Speak on February 22nd

Michelangelo Zaccarello to Speak on February 22nd

On Monday, February 22, at 5pm in Mundelein 508, Dr Michelangelo Zaccarello of the University of Verona will be speaking to graduate students in Paul Eggert’s textual studies class.  

Dr Zaccarello has specialized in Italian Medieval and Renaissance authors, originally Tasso, Pulci and Burchiello but more recently Boccaccio and Dante, especially from a linguistic standpoint. His interests extend to textual criticism, editorial theory, material philology and stemmatics. He has published critical editions of Burchiello and Franco Sacchetti.

His topic will be: "Visual Errors Old and New (the Unbearable Lightness of Seeing).”

Colleagues and grad students will be very welcome to attend.