Loyola University is driven by its Jesuit mission, fundamental values of diversity and justice, and unyielding commitment to transform the world through community-engaged research, teaching, and service. Located in Maywood, IL, the Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences Campus (HSC) is a geographically and culturally-distinct community dedicated to advancing health sciences research, education, and practice. In fact, more than 2,200 students and 3,000 faculty and staff across the HSC collectively pursue Loyola’s mission by working in partnership with local and global communities to develop dynamic health care leaders, improve patient care and health outcomes, and further address persistent health inequity in the 21st century.

Diversity at Stritch School of Medicine 
Located at the heart of the Health Sciences Campus, the Stritch School of Medicine Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (SSOM-ODEI) serves as a local, satellite extension of the Loyola’s primary (Lakeside) Office of Diversity & Inclusion. SSOM-ODEI works in partnership with student, faculty, and staff leadership across academic and clinical departments, centers, institutes, and schools to centrally monitor and advance the HSC community and diversity efforts. The ODEI organizes its work around four primary strategic drivers:

  1. Representational Diversity: Cultivating, attracting, and retaining excellent students, faculty, and staff who reflect the communities we serve, both locally and globally.
  2. Inclusive Climate: Building a community that respects, celebrates, and leverages its diversity to advance health sciences education, medical training, and patient care.
  3. Equitable Opportunity: Advocating and advancing policies, programs, and partnerships that promote equitable opportunities for academic and professional success.
  4. Culturally Responsive Care & Leadership: Engaging students, trainees, faculty, and staff in meaningful learning and professional development experiences that cultivate the capacity to teach, learn, care, and lead in a diverse and global world.

To learn more, please visit the SSOM-ODEI website.

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