Loyola University Chicago




All Engineering courses start with a mini-lecture, with the majority of course time used for conducting collaborative-learning or problem-based learning activities.  Our students enjoy working in groups.  Even when forced by COVID-19 to learn online, they worked in Zoom breakout rooms, with equipment we sent to their homes. Active learning increases the performance of female students, students of color, and first-generation students. 

Starting with Orientation the summer before they enroll, our students experience BELONG (Becoming Engineers Leading Our Next Generation) program structures, where they see that Loyola Engineering is inclusive and diverse.  That’s why our graduating Classes are over 50% women.

Embedded in our curriculum are four social justice case study days, where our students work on projects where they consider the effects of technology on society.  After five common semesters, our juniors select an Engineering specialization that emphasizes a social justice application.  Our seniors work on two-semester capstone projects, sponsored by companies/institutions such as AbbVie, Baxter, and the Chicago Zoological Society. 

2019 - Katherine Woodhull-Fuget

2020 - James Darrell Gamilla

2021 - Michael Mendoza

2022 - Brooke E. Lepore

2023 - Jordan Lang