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Engineering + Honors

Engineering + Honors

The Interdisciplinary Honors Program and Engineering are challenging programs.  Accordingly, students participating in both programs will delay enrolling in the first year honors seminar until the Spring semester of their first year, reversing the order of the two semester seminar.

Students will enroll in HONR 102 and HONR D 102 in the Spring semester of their Freshman year and HONR  D 101 in the Fall semester of their Sophomore year.  Students will be permitted to enroll in HONR 101 and D 101 during their first semester if they receive transfer or AP credit for two of the following classes:

  • BIOL 101/111
  • PHYS 111K
  • MATH 161

Students in both programs who successfully complete the first semester of the Engineering capstone will satisfy HONR 204, "Science and Society." This honors requirement will be waived-i.e., students do not receive course or core credit.