Loyola University Chicago




Because faculty members have an average of 8 years industry experience, which is unusual for academics, we are well-prepared to train our students for industry. 

We are diverse in gender and ethnicity, and incorporate an inclusive perspective into our teaching, advising, and research.  

Our bi-weekly faculty meetings start with student review, so we can learn how to best support student success.  

Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Gail Baura, PhD Founding Director and Chair, Professor 321 Cuneo Hall 773.508.8095
Brook Abegaz, PhD Assistant Professor 322 Cuneo Hall (773) 508-8218
Sarah Ali, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor 310 Cuneo Hall 773.508.8293
Muna Aryal, PhD Assistant Professor 306 Cuneo Hall 773.508.8711
Vincent Chen, PhD Associate Professor 315 Cuneo Hall 773.508.2147
Tom Johnson, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor 124F CFSU 773.508.8743
Chad Johnston, PhD Assistant Professor‌ 305 Cuneo Hall 773.508.8245
Jason Streeter, PhD Clinical Associate Professor 323 Cuneo Hall 773.508.2148