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ICWA Fellowship Program

Deadline for Letter of Interest: May 31, 2023

Deadline for Full Applications (if selected): August 15, 2023

The Institute of Current World Affairs (ICWA) is accepting letters of interest for two-year independent writing fellowships abroad from candidates interested in foreign affairs or cultures.

We plan to fill two fellowships for 2024-2026 in 2023. One will be open to any topic and region. The second will be for the study of diverse approaches to health care delivery, including integrative medicine, and aspects of society they reflect in multiple countries.

Letters of interest are due by May 31, 2023. Selected candidates will be asked to submit full applications by August 15, 2023.

The fellowship

The Institute of Current World Affairs advances American understanding of international cultures and affairs by sending outstanding young professionals abroad to study countries, regions and globally important issues. They have become some of this country’s leading journalists, scholars, diplomats, activists and businesspeople. ICWA nurtures the kind of deep understanding future generations will need to ensure America’s role in the world is informed by wisdom, foresight and compassion.

The institute frees fellows from the routine of their professional lives through a unique two-year cultural immersion fellowship crafted over 95 years. Fellows are given the time and resources to explore the world through self-designed programs of study, thought and writing. They undertake research and analysis, producing monthly dispatches, and go on to make vital contributions to their fields.

About you

We are looking for promise, curiosity and enthusiasm in candidates, and consider whether they are ready for the rapid personal growth the fellowship makes possible. Extensive professional experience in a proposed area is not always necessary; fellowships are aimed at developing local knowledge and writing skills, not necessarily awarding research or reporting opportunities to those who already possess them. Strong candidates propose compelling fellowship topics.

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