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Loyola's FIRST Lead for America Fellow, and FIRST woman Pickering International Affairs Fellow!

Trevaughn Latimer has become Loyola's first Lead for America Hometown Fellow.  In fact, he is in the very first cohort of Fellows for this brand-new program!  Lead for America will help fund Trevaughn's work in local government, specifically in his hometown of North St. Louis, for two years.

Trisha Camara has become Loyola's first woman Pickering International Affairs Fellow!  After a rigorous qpplication, she won one of 30 fellowships from the Pickering Foundation, which will cover her expenses for two years of graduate school, after which she will serve in the U.S. Foreign Service for five years.  (Click here to see the article about Trisha on the CAS homepage).

Congratulations to our trailblazing winners!


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