Loyola University Chicago

Human Services


Human services employees work in a variety of positions in law, health care, public administration, social work, criminal justice, education, gerontology, psychology and public health; and in diverse settings including offices, clinics, hospitals, group homes, shelters, remedial education and job-training facilities, and day-care programs. Many spend their time in the field visiting clients.

Through the year 2012, demand for human services employees is expected to grow most quickly in the private sector, especially in social service agencies, job-training programs and residential care establishments.

Students pursuing the BS in Human Services degree at Loyola participate in internship experiences through two required fieldwork courses that allow them to apply their knowledge in structured learning environments (see Requirements, at right).

The University's Career Development Center and academic departments contributing to the major will assist students in drawing on the diverse, abundant opportunities for fieldwork placements in human services agencies located throughout the Chicago area.