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International Admission

Information for Parents

The college decision process can be overwhelming for students and their families. We want you to know that we're here to help. At Loyola, the parents and family members of our students are an extension of our campus community. We're here to help guide you through every step of the college admission process.

Please review this important information about our Rome Center campus, including how to help your student prepare for Rome, health and safety information, medical insurance requirements, visit info, and answers to other frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions about the Rome Start program, please contact Gianna Succi at gsucci@luc.edu.

We invite you to join out our Loyola University Chicago Parent Facebook page, which is exclusively for parents of current and future Loyola students. Network with Loyola staff members to get answers to your questions and connect with other Loyola parents.

Parent Perspectives

Here's what several Rome Start parents have to say about how their students have changed at Loyola:

"Rome Start allowed my son to learn the US education system in a smaller environment—an ideal situation for a student like him who is a US citizen, but didn’t grow up in the US nor was English his first language. He was able to understand what was expected as far as completing essays and taking exams and the smaller classes also allowed for a closer professor-student relationship. The friendships he made have lasted through his first year in Chicago, even though each of the Rome Start students went on to different areas of study. I recommend the program especially to international students who have not previously experienced the U.S. educational system."
—Alda, Ecuador
"For my son, the entire experience both in Rome and Chicago has contributed to him becoming the awesome young man that he is. He caught fire with the thought of going to Loyola – it somehow sparked what was always in him and he continues to grow in all ways."
—Stephanie, US
"As parents, we have really appreciated the Rome Start program for a number of reasons, but above all, because it allowed for a transition year for our daughter. She was able to familiarize herself with and gain confidence in the US university system, its teaching methods, its academic subjects, and its professors. This gave her the opportunity to understand if she made the right choice in choosing this university and if she was ready to go to university abroad. At the same time, she was able to return home as often as she wanted during this first year, letting her to still feel close to us and her friends back home. This transition year also allowed her to make new friends before heading to the US. Now, as she prepares to move to the Chicago campus, she not only knows the other Rome Start students, but she also knows upperclassmen who are excellent resources in getting to know Chicago and the University. After a year in Rome, our daughter understands that Loyola was the right choice for her."
—Maria and Pietro, Italy