Baiq Maesarah (LLM ’19)

Baiq Maesarah chose to start her career in the “family business”—and took a job in government.  Most of her family members have worked as civil government employees in the Republic of Indonesia. Her family instilled in her the value of supporting her community as well as the importance of promoting the rule of law to protect citizens and businesses. So while working for Indonesia’s Law and Human Rights Ministry, Maesarah earned a law degree by attending the Universitas 45 Mataram part-time.

Her strong work ethic and outstanding job performance at the Ministry paid off. Maesarah applied for and received a Ministry’s Rule of Law for Development Scholarship.  Each year the Minister sponsors two promising employees for Loyola University Chicago’s Rule of Law for Development program. 

With its balance of theory and practical skills training, Loyola’s unique one-year intensive LLM program prepares students to practice the skills of conflict resolution and peace building, constitution making, and access to justice.  Maesarah says the program, called PROLAW, gave her a solid foundation to advance her work in government.  “It would have taken me years of on-the-job training to gain the kind of skills that I’ve learned from PROLAW.”

Through classes on conflict and dispute resolution and advising for reform, PROLAW’s LLM program helps students to expand their understanding of rule of law challenges and opportunities. For her capstone project, Maesarah proposed a change to an Indonesian immigration law.  The change, while small, is significant for many. Her proposal will allow family members of government-sponsored visas to secure employment, which will make a positive impact on Indonesia’s economy. 

Since the program’s inception eight years ago, PROLAW has graduated more than 165 students from 55 countries throughout the world. PROLAW graduates are enjoying rewarding careers working in in government offices, policymaking bodies, global corporations, and intergovernmental organizations.

“I am proud to have earned a graduate law degree from a prestigious university like Loyola, and I am eager get to work making positive changes in Indonesia,” said Maesarah.

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