Loyola University Chicago

Loyola Chicago Retiree Association (LUCRA)

Sharing Our Expertise

The following retired faculty have indicated their availability to share their expertise with students, colleagues and organizations inside and outside Loyola by:

1. guest lecturing in classrooms

2. giving speeches

3. serving on panels

4. conducting workshops

5  serving on boards

6.  providing consultation

Contact information follows each entry.

Raymond Benton, Jr.

I am available to guest lecture in classes, to give talks, and I will assist those that want to add a component of environmental ethics to their regular classes. I have a particular interest in marketing and economics as symbolic/cultural meaning systems. I am also keenly interested in environmental ethics and am available to discuss integrating an environmental ethics component to any course. I have several papers and a book chapter on that topic. (Rbenton@luc.edu) 

Erwin H. Epstein

I am available for consultation on developing programs and curricula in comparative and international education, international education studies, and Latin American studies.  I am also available to serve on doctoral dissertation committees in my areas of expertise. (eepstein@luc.edu) 

Vincent A. Mahler

As a retired Professor of Political Science, my primary expertise has been on income inequality and government redistribution by way of taxes and social benefits, especially in the developed democracies.  I have been particularly interested in exploring the substantial increase in income inequality that has occurred in many developed countries over the last 40 years, an increase which helps to explain such contemporary phenomena as the rise of political polarization and erosion of democratic norms.  I would be especially interested in speaking in classes and serving on panels on these topics, but would also consider other forms of participation. (VMAHLER@luc.edu) 

Jon Nilson

Current church events in theological perspective; ecumenism; black theology; racism as a theological issue.  (Jnilson@luc.edu) 

Nick Patricca

Nick Patricca, Ph.D., UChicago, 1972. Areas of scholarship/expertise: History of Christian Thought and Culture; philosophical investigation of religion and religions; inter-relationships between and among religion, society, art, culture, and politics; creative writing [ poetry, plays, performance] ; essays. (nicholas.patricca@gmail.com)