Loyola University Chicago

Loyola Chicago Retiree Association (LUCRA)


Loyola University Chicago recognizes the loyalty and the continuing scholarly contributions of its Emeriti.  These are individuals who are retired from the regular faculty, no longer hold tenure, and have been awarded Emeritus/a status according to the policies set forth in the Faculty Handbook. Emeritus/a status confers upon its recipient both certain privileges and academic opportunities.

Working in consultation with the office of Faculty Administration and Human Resources, the Provosts continually seek to maintain a list of the privileges and to create additional academic opportunities appropriate to Emeritus/a status.

Summary of Privileges

Emeriti faculty may apply for and be granted:

  • Loyola University Photo ID
  • Library privileges equivalent to those available to members of the regular faculty
    • Loyola universal log on ID (providing access to computing labs, network and web access to e-mail)
    • Faculty/Staff prices and discounts at Campus Bookstores, Recreation Centers, Loyola athletic and cultural events
    • Use of an office, in consultation with home department and the Dean of the school/college dependent upon availability and anticipated department or school needs
    • Inclusion with the faculty of the school, including wearing academic regalia, in commencement and convocation ceremonies of the school and university
    • Expense reimbursement up to $500.00 per year for presentations at professional conferences.

Emeriti faculty may be invited to serve as a:

  • Faculty member of record, teaching courses for credit.
  • Faculty member of record, offering non-credit or continuing education courses
  • Guest lecturer in area of scholarly expertise, as invited by the instructor of record
  • Director of doctoral dissertations or master’s theses
    • Academic advisor of undergraduate or graduate students in any office offering such services
    • Expert reader on dissertations and theses
      • Reviewer, developer, or collaborator in the production or execution of an externally funded grant or grant proposal
      • Project Director on an external funded grant by special approval of the Dean of the School/College
      • Principal Investigator on an externally funded grant by special approval of the Dean of the School/College and Provost
      • Presenter or participant in departmental and college colloquia
      • Member of a School or University advisory committee
        • Participant in academic department meetings to the extent permitted by written and approved departmental and School/College by-laws

Compensation and Faculty Title

  • When employed by the University to provide service such as teaching, grant-funded scholarship, or student advising, emeriti may be designated as “Senior Professor.”
  • When hired as a Senior Professor, the compensation should be commensurate with time and effort of the service being provided and should befit that individual’s, experience and academic achievements, and former Loyola faculty academic rank. As Senior Professors, emeriti are obligated to fulfill their contractual responsibilities in teaching, research, or service in an academically sound and professional manner and in ways that are consistent with the FacultyHandbookand the policies of their school and department.


  • Like other retired staff or retired faculty, Emeriti should contact the Loyola University Chicago Office of Human Resources for information on possible participation in selected benefits program.

PDF of Emeritis Statement of Privileges