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PHIL 323: Philosophy of Law

PHIL 323: Philosophy of Law

The Generic Catalog Description

Relation of law and philosophy; philosophical presuppositions of laws; law as social control; theories of origin and purpose of law; current legal problems involving value judgments.

PHIL 323: Philosophy of Law: Ethical Frontiers in Medicine & Law

Heid Malm

This course will address a variety of legal/ethical issues at medicine's frontier. Among the topics we are likely to cover are: privacy, genetics,and confidentiality; the body as property; medicine and the marketplace; problems of preventative medicine; ethics and new reproductive technologies; organ procurement and the duty to aid; consent and genetic engineering. Where possible, we will read current legal cases along with the philosophic and medical literature. It is expected that students who take this course will have some background in ethical and/or legal reasoning (e.g., from phil 181, 184,323) theory and are able to do self-directed study and lead a discussion on a medical/legal topic of their choosing.