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Department of Philosophy

PHIL 403: Ancient Philosophy

Catalog Description

The emphasis is on areas of ancient philosophy other than Plato and Aristotle. It can focus on figures, such as the Pre-Socratics or Plotinus; on movements such as Stoicism and Neoplatonism; or on topics, such as the nature of the soul or mind, aesthetics, or ethics.

PHIL 403: Ancient Philosophy: Skepticism

This course is a seminar devoted to examining various sources of ancient Greek skepticism from the pre-Socratic through the Hellenistic periods. The bulk of the course will be focused on the Hellenistic period, that following Aristotle, with emphasis on the Academic and Pyrrhonian schools of skepticism.

Students will take turns giving presentations on texts drawn from the syllabus, and an emphasis will be made on general discussion of the texts rather than on formal lectures.

Typical Readings:
1. Inwood, Hellenistic Philosophy.
2. Annas and Barnes, Modes of Skepticism.
3. Selections from: Plato, Complete Dialogues, and Aristotle, Complete Works.
4. Selected critical essays.

Knowledge of Greek philosophical thought is expected. If students do not have background knowledge in this area, they should contact the teacher for some texts to read prior to the course.