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PHIL 406: Thomas Aquinas

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This course deals with selected texts and themes from the Thomistic corpus. The major areas from which these are generally chosen are: Aquinas's metaphysics, epistemology, philosophical anthropology, and ethical theory.

PHIL 406: Thomas Aquinas

Dr. Peter Hartman

In this course we will study core concepts in late medieval Latin metaphysics, cognitive psychology, epistemology, and moral psychology.  Our investigation will focus on Thomas Aquinas, and our method will be that of comparison: we will take a given issue or topic, and compare what Aquinas has to say with his medieval contemporaries (including those who received his work, such as the Jesuit Suarez). While the course is designed to give graduate students a strong and in-depth introduction to Thomas Aquinas, it should also paint a good picture of medieval Latin philosophy as a whole. All readings will be in English.