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Department of Philosophy

PHIL 421: Marxism

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Prepares students for advanced work on Marx and Marxist philosophy.

PHIL 421: Marxism

This course will be divided into three (unequal) parts:

Part One will involve a close reading of some of Marx's primary texts:

The Communist Manifesto
The Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 (selections from)
The German Ideology
(selections from)
"Preface to a Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy"
"Free Human Production" (from the Excerpt Notes of 1844)
"Theses on Feuerbach"

(vol 1) (most)

Part Two will focus on:

Jürgen Habermas, Legitimation Crisis
David Schweickart's  After Capitalism.

Part Three will consist of student presentations of various classical and contemporary books on Marx and Marxism.  [Each students will join a "reading groups" that will meet regularly throughout the semester to discuss a particular book. Each group will make a presentation.