Loyola University Chicago

Department of Philosophy

PHIL 400: Philosophy Research Tools

­PHIL 400: Philosophy Research Tools: Social Justice

Joy Gordon

Is it ethical to use drones in warfare?  What are the causes of homelessness?  What are the specific ways that migration impacts women?  Who is morally responsible for the acts of a government?

This course looks at several different methodological approaches to social justice issues: broad ethical frameworks, such a Kantian ethics and utilitarianism; specific ethical issues, such as volition and duress; conceptions of violence and conflict; quantitative analysis; US constitutional, statutory, and case law; and international human rights law.   Students are asked to pick a subject area that they will follow throughout the semester.  Focusing on various aspects of their topic area, students will do targeted literature reviews and write several short analytic papers, utilizing each of the methodologies that are covered in the course.