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PHIL 444: Studies in Logic

Catalog Description

Studies in Logic introduces students to some aspect of formal logic, such as formal systems, axiomatic set theory, mathematical logic, modal logic, tense logic, epistemic logic, deontic logic, formal semantics, and philosophical logic.

PHIL 444: Studies in Logic

Dr. Harry Gensler

This course covers various systems of logic (including propositional, quantificational, modal, deontic, and epistemic), with application to English arguments, many of which are philosophical in nature. A previous study of logic (e.g., PHIL 174) is helpful but not required. The course is cross-listed as PHIL 301 (Symbolic Logic) but gets mostly philosophy graduate students. One side benefit of the course for future philosophy teachers is that you'll gain some knowledge of how to teach logic along the way. Gensler's site has more information.