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James Blachowicz, PhD

Title/s:  Professor Emeritus


External Webpage: http://orion.it.luc.edu/~jblacho


James Blachowicz is a Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Loyola University Chicago. He joined the Loyola faculty in 1971, having completed his B.S. in Philosophy and Physics at Loyola University in 1966 and his M.A. and Ph.D. at Northwestern University in 1970. His main areas of research have been: the philosophy of science and the possibility of a logic of discovery (including its classical form in Plato’s Meno Paradox); Hegel's logic; and theories of representation (the analog-digital distinction). All of these issues converged in his book: Of Two Minds: The Nature of Inquiry (1998: SUNY Press). More recent research focuses on non-reductionist theories of physical "emergence," especially the constraint interpretation, and the form this took in Aristotle, Kant, Hegel and contemporary philosophy of science. This is the topic of his new book: Essential Difference: Toward a Metaphysics of Emergence (2012: SUNY Press).

His papers have appeared in Philosophy of Science, The Journal of Philosophy, The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Synthese, Idealistic Studies, The Philosophical Forum, Erkenntnis, Southern Journal of Philosophy, and elsewhere (see his personal home page for a complete list).