Loyola University Chicago

Department of Philosophy

Graduate Conference

Fall 2018



Facets of the Tragic Conference Program
October 12-13, 2018. Loyola University Chicago Graduate Conference
Information Commons, 4th Floor

Friday, October 12

2:00-2:45 -- Taylor Kloha, “Tragedy and Moral Freedom in Schiller's Aesthetic Essays”
2:50-3:35 -- William Parkhurst, “The Tragedy of Speaking Without the Other: Bridging Our Way Beyond Foundationalism”
3:35-3:50 -- Break (with coffee and snacks)
3:50-4:35 -- Ginger Guin, “Nietzsche’s [Mis]Characterization of Masculine Maternity: The ‘Metaphysically Dishonest’ Bodies of Dionysus and Apollo”
4:45-6:15 -- Keynote, Jackie Scott (Loyola University Chicago), “Fearlessness in the Face of the Fearsome and Questionable: Nietzsche’s Tragic Wisdom and the Art of Healthy Racialized Identity Formation”
6:30 --Dinner (Indie Cafe, 5951 N Broadway)

Saturday, October 13

8:30 -- Breakfast, tea, coffee
9:00-9:45 -- Malte Bischof, “Shakespeare's Transformation of Aristotle's Conception of Tragedy”
9:50-10:35 -- William Cox, “On the Tragicomic Character of Heideggerian Ethics: Reading Being and Time with Aristotle and Agamben”
10:40-11:25 -- Jay Egan, “Event Theory and the Meaning of Tragic Events”
11:30-1:00 -- Lunch
1:00-2:30 -- Keynote, Fanny Söderbäck (DePaul University), “Fantastic Antigones”
2:30-2:45 -- Break (with coffee and snacks)
2:45-4:45 -- Giancarlo Tarantino (Arrupe College), Pedagogy Workshop: Teaching Tragedy in
5:00 -- Informal Happy Hour