Loyola University Chicago

Department of Philosophy

Recent MA & PhD Defenses

PhD in Philosophy 2023

Ciaran Folliard Rhys, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: The Ethics of Advance Care Planning
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Jennifer A. Parks

Abram Capone, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: Play On; Give Me Excess of It: Intercorporeality and Musical Definitions
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Joseph Vukov

Anthony Gudwien, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: Reconstructing the Kantian Ends of Reason: Holiness Analytically Entailing Beatitude in an Eternal Highest Good
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Andrew Cutrofello

Philip William Bauchan, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: A Social Ontological Account of Alienation and Its Place in the History of Alienation Theory
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. David Ingram

PhD in Philosophy 2022

Alec Stubbs, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: The Political Economy of Capitalism in the Digital Age, Economic Democracy, and the Case for the Digital Commons
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. David Ingram

Claire Abbott Lockard, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: On the Uses and Misuses of Interpretive Charity in Philosophy
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Jacqueline Scott

PhD in Philosophy 2021

Philipa Friedman, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: Knowledge and Political Interest: Politico-Epistemic Injustice in the United States Under Capitalist Democracy
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. David Ingram

Clinton Neptune, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: God as Rescuer
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Paul K. Moser

Katherine Brichacek, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: Refuting the Single Story of Political Action in Hannah Arendt: Navigating Arendt's Eurocentrism and anti-Black Racism
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Jacqueline Scott

Jacob Joseph Andrews, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: William of Auxerre and Thomas Aquinas on Simultaneous Faith and Knowledge
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. Blake Dutton

Randolph Jay Carlson, PhD

  • Dissertation Title: Political Justificationism: A More Realistic Epistemology of Political Disagreement
  • Dissertation Director: Dr. David Ingram

MA in Philosophy

  • Kirt Broesche, 2023
  • Rebecca Caithamer, 2022
  • Rutger Hakkenberg, 2022
  • Joshua Hinchie, 2021

MA in Social Philosophy

  • Michael Petro, 2023
  • Travis Crowe, 2023
  • Alex Hale, 2023
  • Justin Prom, 2023
  • Alexander Phan, 2023
  • Phil Cooley, 2023
  • Andrew Milewski, 2023
  • Michael Wedwick, 2022
  • Nicholas Blair, 2022
  • Nicholas Russel, 2022
  • Michael Pederson, 2022
  • Matthew Zurcher, 2022
  • Myles Kelley, 2022
  • Danilo Mendoza Rugama, 2022
  • Chi Nhan Nguyen, 2021
  • Mark Blancke, 2021
  • Paul Phillipino, 2021
  • An Vu, 2021
  • Marco Machado, 2021
  • Chris Nguyen, 2021
  • Bryan Galligan, 2021


  • Daniel Blough, 2023