Loyola University Chicago

Department of Political Science

Model United Nations

Model United Nations (MUN) simulations allow students to learn about international relations, international organizations (including the United Nations) and diplomacy in a "hands-on" fashion. More than 1,000,000 people have participated in MUN conferences around the world since the conferences became popular over 50 years ago. Today there are more than 400 conferences that take place in 35 countries. Simulations usually focus on specific topics from the international realm: security, economics, law, human rights, the environment, health, etc.

Students from Loyola University Chicago have taken part in Model United Nations activities for more than fifteen years. There are two ways in which students can become involved in such activities: 1) they can join the Model United Nations club; and/or 2) they can take a course on Model United Nations.

The Model United Nations Club

The Model UN club is a student organization. It is open to all students who are interested in learning about the United Nations and in participating in Model UN conferences. Every fall term, the club prepares for one of the most prestigious national simulations, the Chicago-based American Model United Nations conference. More than fifty students from Loyola have taken part each year in the conference. They have represented countries such as Afghanistan, Poland, Sweden, the United States, and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Although most members of the Model UN Club participate in conferences, this is not a requirement for membership.

For more information about the Model UN Club, please contact Dr. Brian Endless at bendles@luc.edu 

The Model United Nations Course

Every spring term students can take a 3-credit course on the Model United Nations. This course offers an in-depth analysis of the workings of the United Nations. It is designed to introduce students to activities within the global organization and to provide an understanding of international negotiations that unfold in the UN setting. It also includes an overview of current international issues and events that are discussed in the UN framework. In the end, the course assists students in preparing for their roles as distinguished diplomats at the National Model United Nations conference in New York. This is the largest Model UN conference in the world. It brings together 3–4,000 students from more than 25 countries. Part of the conference takes place within the actual United Nations building. Over the past few years our teams have been very successful and have won numerous awards.

Due to the limited number of positions that are allotted to each university taking part in NMUN (and the interest that Loyola students have shown for this class), participation in the course involves a selection process. Selection is based on GPA, seniority, Model UN experience (especially participation in the Model U.N. Club) and prior coursework in international politics and international organizations. The application process begins in late September and ends in late October.

For more information on the class and on the selection process, please contact Dr. Brian Endless (bendless@luc.edu).