Loyola University Chicago

Department of Political Science

Dual MA/JD Degree Program In Law And Political Science

The School of Law and the Department of Political Science jointly offer a dual degree program that provides students with specialized policy training appropriate for careers in the public sector or for law practices involving administrative agencies or processes. The purpose of the program is to allow students to combine the study of law with an exploration of the political context within which domestic and international legal systems operate.

The dual degree program makes it possible to earn both MA and JD degrees simultaneously and in a shorter time than if the two degrees were pursued independently. Students in the dual degree program must meet with the Graduate Program Director of the Political Science program as well as their Law School advisor to plan their course of study.

This program is open to students in the School of Law and students in the Graduate School who are enrolled in a Political Science degree program. Students enrolled in the dual program must be admitted both to the Department of Political Science and the School of Law, and satisfy the academic requirements of the School of Law for the JD degree and the academic requirements of the Department of Political Science for the MA degree.

The Department of Political Science will accept four Law School courses for the MA requirements and the Law School will accept three political science courses for the JD degree. The Law School requires first-year law students to take all of their classes in the Law School.

For further information, please contact Professor Peter M. Sanchez, Graduate Program Director. Email: psanche@luc.edu. Office phone: 773.508.8658.