Loyola University Chicago

Department of Political Science

Academic Advising

Majors, Minors, and prospective students are strongly encouraged to see a faculty advisor:

  • For advice about course selection
  • To verify progress in completing requirements for the major or minor
  • For information about internships, scholarships, and special events
  • To learn more about graduate or professional programs
  • For more information about career options

If you aren't certain who your faculty advisor is, contact the department office at 773.508.3047. To choose a new faculty advisor, see the department administrative assistant in Coffey Hall 324.

Professor Olga Avdeyeva CH 330 773.508.3484 oavdeyeva@luc.edu
Professor Twyla Blackmond Larnell CH 327 773.508.3071 tblackmondlarnell@luc.edu
Professor Patrick Boyle CH 337 773.508.7070 pboyle@luc.edu 
Professor Amanda Bryan CH 329 773.508.3151 abryan2@luc.edu 
Professor Meghan Condon CH 336 773.508.8516 mcondon1@luc.edu 
Professor David Doherty CH 318 773.508.3063 ddoherty@luc.edu  
Professor Brian Endless CH 334 773.508.3066 bendless@luc.edu 
Professor Jennifer Forestal CH 328 773.508.3055 jforestal@luc.edu 
Professor Alexandru Grigorescu CH 326A 773.508.3059 agrigor@luc.edu
Professor Eric Hansen CH 326B 773.508.3053 ehansen4@luc.edu
Professor Chris Hasselmann CH 402 773.508.3221 chasselmann@luc.edu
Professor Tofigh Maboudi CH 335 773.508.3483 tmaboudi@luc.edu 


Professor Sarah Maxey CH 333 773.508.3065 smaxey@luc.edu 
Professor Robert Mayer CH 338 773.508.3057 rmayer@luc.edu
Professor Molly Melin CH 331 773.508.8647 mmelin@luc.edu
Professor Kara Ross Camarena TBD TBD krosscamarena@luc.edu 
Professor Peter Sanchez CH 332 773.508.8658 psanche@luc.edu
Michael Schumacher TBD TBD mschumacher2@luc.edu 
Professor Luigi Sensi TBD TBD lsensi@luc.edu 
Professor Annette Steinacker LT 312.915.8611 asteinacker@luc.edu