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Planning for an application to physical therapy school is both essential and critical - it is a decision that will take years of preparation. Future applicants will need to take both academic and experiential timelines into consideration well in advance to properly prepare for an application cycle. Below, you will find resources specific to pre-PT timelines.

Suggested Academic Timelines:

First Year


Intro Chemistry I with Lab

CHEM 101/111

Intro Chemistry II with Lab

CHEM 102/112

Intro Biology I with Lab

BIOL 101/111

Intro Biology II with lab

BIOL 102/112


Second Year 


Human Anatomy & Physiology I

BIOL 242

Human Anatomy & Physiology II

BIOL 243


STAT 103 or equivalent

Science Electives*


Third Year 


Science Electives**

Science Electives**


Fourth Year


Science Electives**

Science Electives**

*OT programs will usually recommend or require biology, chemistry, psychology, sociology, physics, math, medical terminology, or any combination of these courses. It is important to search for possible graduate programs early in your collegiate career to adequately prepare your schedule.