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Pre-Law Advising

Career Services

Ways to Explore

Intentional Online Research 

You can begin your exploration of the legal field through online research and resources. Your research may be guided by the following questions:

  1. What does a lawyer actually do day-to-day? Are the skills lawyers use ones that I am interested in using?
  2. Is a J.D. required for the career paths I am most interested in?
  3. What personality traits align well with the legal profession?
  4. What are the most rewarding and challenging parts of being a lawyer? 5. What are realistic salary expectations for law-related careers? 

Informational Interviewing 

One of the best ways to explore any career is through talking to people who are doing the work you are interested in doing. For more information about how to conduct an informational interview, review the Career Services Informational Interviewing Guide or schedule a meeting with an advisor to discuss this further. 

Experiential Learning 

As you explore the world of law, it is important to complement your research and networking with hands-on learning. This can be done through internships, job shadowing, volunteering, student groups, working part-time, joining a research team...any experience has benefits that will help you to further evaluate the legal profession as a potential career path.