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Selecting Law School 


If possible, apply to 6-10 law schools, as this will greatly increase the likelihood that you will be admitted and have a choice as to where to attend. One of the biggest mistakes applicants make is applying to too few schools. 

Group schools into categories based on a realistic assessment of your qualifications and an evaluation of the likelihood of admission. Apply to schools according to the following categories:  

  • 2-3 "reach/dream" schools 
  • 2-4 "realistic" schools 
  • 2-3 "safety" schools 

Comparing your LSAT score and your undergraduate GPA with those of students admitted to a particular school is a common means of identifying "reach," "realistic," and "safety" schools. Data on all U.S. and Canadian law schools can be found in the LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools. You can assess your own chances of admission to various schools using LSAC’s LSAT-GPA calculator or 7Sage’s Law School Admissions Predictor. You may also review the US News & World Report Rankings as you consider your options. 



Law school is a major financial investment, and the job prospects are a little less stable than they once wereSo, students considering law school should carefully consider the financial implications of attending law school. The resources below are recommended to aid you in this process.  

  • AccessLex Financial Education Resources: a collection of free guides designed to inform and equip students in their financial decision making.    
  • AccessLex Student Loan Calculator: a free tool to calculate loan realities and repayment timelines. 
  • AccessConnex: a free student loan helpline staffed by Accredited Financial Counselors.  
  • LSAC Fee Waiver Overview: an overview of eligibility and application process for fee waivers you may be eligible for. You can request an additional fee waivers from law school admissions committees. 



Students identifying as members of underrepresented groups may want to consult the following resources as they plan for and apply to law school: 

  • LSAC Diversity in Law School resources: an overview of resources to equip underrepresented groups, including racially or ethnically diverse candidates, LGBTQ candidates, or applicants with disabilities in the law school admissions process.  
  • LSAC Scholarships for Diverse Candidates: a listing of scholarships aimed at supporting diverse law school candidates. 
  • ABA National Pipeline Diversity Initiatives Directory: a listing of programs designed to increase diversity in the legal profession, ranging from supporting students in their undergraduate careers to LSAT prep to bar passage. 
  • AccessLex Diversity Pipeline Program Directory: an online database of pipeline programs serving college students and/or college graduates from historically underrepresented groups with information and resources premised on aiding their successful matriculation into law school and the legal profession.