Atlanta: An enriching week

Atlanta: An enriching week

"I am so grateful for all that I learned, the relationships I built and the knowledge I am now equipped with," wrote Poorvi Modi (BBA ’22).

Poorvi Modi '22
Major: Economics, Information Systems

Our last morning in Atlanta featured a cold windy weather but a collection of very warm memories from the Ramble week. Several of us spent the morning exchanging our favorite memories from the week, the connections we had fostered, and discussing our thoughts about the site visits. We also self-evaluated our actions and shared words of affirmation for each other. At the end of the week, all of us felt enriched by the experience and connected to each other.

In my previous Ramble to Los Angeles, I was a sophomore. I was anxious to perform well, achieve the tiny goal of being proactive in networking, and learn more about what the business world has to offer. Fast forward to senior year, I had a very different perspective and mindset attending the Ramble to Atlanta as a Returner leader. I was motivated to ensure the group was prepared and confident and everyone was able to connect with each other well. I was also driven to be resourceful and helpful not just to the participant team, but also the staff leaders. Yet, being a leader did not take away from experiencing the Ramble as a participant, but rather added a new dimension to the experience.

As someone entering the workforce soon, the company visits helped me understand what I would value in a future workplace and reinforced the values I want to be steadfast on. It also helped me realize the importance of cultivating meaningful professional connections, both with my superiors and colleagues. A key takeaway advice for me that several professionals shared was that communicating with your superiors is key – we should always communicate about what we want to learn more about, or if we feel something in our role is amiss such as not being able to get the kind of experience we expected. From experience, the professionals shared, all good workplaces/superiors will find a way to accommodate that and will want to see you succeed. As I enter the workforce and start assessing the growth prospects in my career, I want to be mindful of the guidance we received and continue to take steps that will help me grow.

The Ramble to Atlanta added another feather in my cap and gave me another wonderful experience to reflect upon, before I graduate. I am so grateful for all that I learned, the relationships I built and the knowledge I am now equipped with. I am hopeful about what awaits us all in the years to come!