Atlanta: Levels of Experience

Yuliya Romantsova '24
Major: International Business, Information Systems

We had plenty of time in the morning to explore a delicious French cafe with delicious coffee and sweets because our first visit to the company was at noon. The interior and aroma of the cafe are so strong that you feel as if you are in one of the best cafes in France. We returned to the hotel after breakfast, where a bus was already waiting for us. We all went to lunch together before heading to the OneDigital. It is a company that provides strategic advisory consulting and technologically advanced solutions to over 100,000 employers across the country. When we walked into OneDigital's office, we were eager to learn more about the company and hear from its executives. The majority of the presentation was done by the Senior Vice President. His conversation demonstrated how much he enjoys his work, how much he enjoys working with his colleagues, and how he is constantly looking for new ways to bring all employees closer together.

The most interesting task was to select one of the C-suite positions and write three goals that you believe are the most important for that person for the entire year. We all had a great time with this task because we were able to not only write goals but also get feedback from the Chief People Officer. And we were joined for a few minutes by the CEO, who briefly explained the company's mission and how this company was recognized as one of the best jobs in 2020.

And, at the very end of the presentation, we were able to hear from employees with varying levels of experience. It was fascinating to hear their perspectives and responses to a variety of questions, ranging from careers and professional development to how they spend their free time. In general, this day was filled with many emotions, and we learned a lot from everyone who took part in the presentation.