Atlanta: Pre-Ramble

Sebastian Nunez '23
Major: Accounting and Analytics

It is currently 3:00pm Chicago time at the time that I am writing this. I just got off a Zoom call with my group for a project in my information system class. Yes, Zoom. It is hard to believe for the past two years that we have been able to learn virtually from the comfort of our home. Being back in person has brought new life to that exhausting routine, yet meeting over zoom with group members, office hours, and of course the occasional winter storm, has brought immense flexibility with managing workloads. \

It is amazing that we are fortunate to travel for this year’s Ramble and enjoy these new experiences with students who have for the most part not been on campus for this last year and a half. I am extremely excited to say the least. I personally love the South as a whole and it is a great place to be especially during this time of the year where it may not be as freezing as Chicago. Our group this year is diverse with students from all ages and majors, which is exciting.

I hope to create lasting relationships with each person on this trip and learn more about the city of Atlanta along with everything it has to offer.