Atlanta: Reminiscing

Veronica Gebbia '23
Major: A.A. Business Administration, Arrupe College

The Ramble flew by and even though it has only been one day since we have been back in Chicago, I have been thinking about the past week. I would have never imagined what this past week could have been like, but it has exceeded my expectations. Every single day was filled with new adventures, experiences, opportunities, and bonding experiences. The companies we visited were Fastenal, Alma Coffee, Invesco, OneDigital, Siemens, Deloitte, and Coca-Cola. All the companies shared new insight and exposure to the industry they’re involved in. Also, seeing the difference between a global, national, and small business was interesting. Each company has something unique to them and it really helped you determine where you see yourself after college.

Beyond just connecting with the companies we visited, we also connected with Loyola alumni. One night consisted of the alumni reception which gave us the amazing opportunity to talk to people that work within different industries and be able to ask them questions. Seeing alumni from all kinds of industries was inspiring because of their career path in life. Being able to connect with those who graduated from Loyola really made the whole experience more meaningful.

Even though each day had site visits as well as one day containing the alumni reception, we still had plenty of time to explore the great city of Atlanta. Throughout the week I tried new cuisine whenever I could and kept an open mind to trying new foods. Also, I not only ate amazing food but visited some pretty cool places in Atlanta. The most memorable being the Georgia Aquarium, The World of Coke, and Ponce City Market.

Overall, Atlanta was an amazing experience that built some amazing connection with my peers as well as learning more about different industries. This trip will definitely be one for the books!