Atlanta: Saying Goodbye

Carlos Ostos Gonzalez '22
Major: U.S./Europe Double Degree

Saturday was a day that was more about logistics rather than experiencing the Quinlan Ramble trip itself. I would say it was scheduled to spend it traveling and chilling. I got up and packed all my bags, and right after, I went to have breakfast with Ami. By the way, we had a very interesting conversation about our site visits.

Once we did the checkout, we had two hours on our own, so I called my parents while some went to have lunch. Thanks to Allison I realized it was St. Patrick's day celebrations, and a parade was taking place nearby. Being the first time I would experience that, I was really excited. Because of that, I totally forgot about having lunch, so I waited until we got to the airport to have some Chick-Fil-a. Name a better way to end a trip in Georgia!

After a quick flight, we got our bags and split a cab between Caili, Alisha, and me to get home. It was a very calm day but also intense, as we said bye to those who had been almost our roommates for a week. Definitely, I will miss not seeing all of us every day. It has been a unique experience that has helped me grow as a person, and I am very excited to see what the future holds for everyone.