Atlanta: Siemens and Deloitte

Charlie Thomas '24
Major: Marketing

We started our day visiting Siemens Mobility. Julian gave us a presentation where he told us how Siemens started in 1847, how their products have changed over time, and how his personal career path led him to the company. It was interesting to see how many technological innovations Siemens has been involved in over the years and how the company has changed with the times. Later, Yagnesh and Karlene told us more about how their careers developed in the various positions they have filled within Siemens. It was valuable to get advice from people who were able to take on different responsibilities to find the best job for them.

Siemens Mobility is a part of Siemens that mainly focuses on transportation solutions. They have designed light rails and trains for many cities around the US and even overseas. Julian gave us a tour of their facility where we were able to see motors and other components that are used on CTA trains.

Our second visit of the day was Deloitte. We learned a bit of background on their company and the various financial services they offer. These services mainly consist of consulting, taxes, risk and financial advisory, and auditing. We were then given the opportunity to ask questions to a panel of current Deloitte employees. A few of them started as interns, so it was helpful to get a perspective from people who were college students like us not too long ago. They told us about their day-to-day life at the office, how they connect with their coworkers and clients, and how they have received great training through the Deloitte University facility in Dallas. We were then given a full tour of the different working spaces and amenities offered at their Atlanta office, which is one of many offices around the country. 

Thank you to everyone at Siemens Mobility and Deloitte for giving us a look inside their companies!