Atlanta: Visiting Siemens & Deloitte & Experiencing Supply Chain Issues

Atlanta: Visiting Siemens & Deloitte & Experiencing Supply Chain Issues

Michael Gargiulo '23
Major: Supply Chain Management 

Today I woke up feeling tired given I am slightly introverted and have spent most of this trip around other people, networking, asking questions etc.

We started the day at 8:00 AM eating breakfast and before heading over to Siemens. After I got my Coffee in and some small talk with friends I was ready to start the day!

At Siemens, It was definitely cool and interesting to see the same company in Atlanta as the same company we visited Siemens, is Headquartered in my hometown!

We got to experience the supply chain issues first hand going on in our world. The company had 2 year old equipment waiting to be shipped out throughout the entire factory. I asked our guide, “What was the longest you used to store ready to go equipment?” He responded and said, “1 year at most, now we are holding up to two years of equipment”. This was the exact reason why I wanted to go on the Quinlan Ramble. To learn and see outside of the class room the actual supply chain problems that I am taught in the classroom. I saw it first hand so that was an awesome experience!

After Siemes, we visited Deloitte and on our visit we got to see a tour of the offices. We went on 6 levels and after seeing about all the levels less than 5% occupied, I asked Allison, “Will we ever see a rebound to in person work?” She answered, “No I do not think so”. Crazy to me personally that some of these companies are in 5, 10 year leases and have all this extra space they are paying for.

All in All Day 6 was a great day! Now some of our group are off to Pasta Da Pulcinella! Looking forward to a nice relaxing dinner after a long day.