Atlanta: The Day Before

Avery Tritz '24
Major: Finance

The day before something I am looking forward to always feels like the longest day. As I write this, I am packing in preparation to depart tomorrow morning from Chicago to Atlanta. The Ramble is something I have been waiting to experience since freshman year, but as a freshman admitted in the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic, I was not optimistic about getting to attend. 

My first semester on campus this past fall, I was ecstatic to see that Quinlan was hosting the The Ramble and even more excited that it was to Atlanta. I have never been to Atlanta before, so I immediately knew I had to apply. 

Thinking about how quickly time has passed since applying and being accepted is crazy. It feels like last week I was sitting in the Information Commons reading my acceptance email while trying to hide how shocked I was.  Nonetheless, I am looking forward to arriving in Atlanta tomorrow and experience all the exciting things we have planned. 

Next week is a week filled with new experiences of connecting with alumni, site visits, and all the exciting things Atlanta has to offer. As a first-generation student, I love to connect with alumni and other professionals to learn about their career journeys and listen to any insights they can provide. It is interesting learning about different career paths and talking to professionals helps broaden my horizons about what the future can look like. I am looking forward to learning from the professionals we meet at site visits and the Alumni Reception. 

One non-professional thing I am excited about is our free time! I hope to be able to eat amazing southern food, as I am a huge foodie. I also want to go to the Trap Music Museum, as it only exists in Atlanta! 

The Ramble is something I can talk about for hours, as many people close to me are probably tired from hearing about my excitement. I have been waiting months to attend and I cannot believe it starts tomorrow. The process getting here has been great, and I am sure the trip will be even better!