Atlanta: Trains, Salads, and the Big 4

Atlanta: Trains, Salads, and the Big 4

Sebastian Nunez '23
Major: Accounting and Analytics

It was an exciting day because both site visits today technically were not on the itinerary until a few days before we left. We visited Siemens which is an incredible industrial manufacturing company based out of Germany. Siemens is an innovative company that includes segments broken into divisions some of which include smart infrastructure, digital industries, healthineers and mobility which are amazing host Julian Jaeger currently works in. We got to hear from different people including Karlene Keene who I was personally interested in hearing from as she is an accountant who has worked in a variety of roles at Siemens. Afterwards we got to walk through the warehouse where we were able to see a gear box that will eventually end up in the new 7000-series CTA rail cars. Coming very soon to an L stop near you! Siemens was a pleasant surprise considering most of us did not know what to expect so it was cool to be at their Atlanta location and hear from professionals who work in the manufacturing industry.

Afterwards around 12 we traveled to Upbeet which I would describe as a trendy health spot that serves veggie heavy salads and organic smoothies. I ordered a chicken bowl with a pink lemonade which was delicious!

After eating at Upbeet for lunch we headed towards West Midtown for our second site visit of the day: Deloitte Atlanta. I was personally excited to meet the recruiters as I did intern with Deloitte last summer and I did hear throughout my virtual experience from the different recruiters, including Jessica who hosted us. We learned about the different service lines, Deloitte University, the campus recruiting process and we got to hear from some current associates about their experiences at Deloitte. I may be a bit biased, but I was aware of the many diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that Deloitte engages in which always excites me that Deloitte continues to improve and prioritize initiatives developed to support their people. Lasty, we got to tour the office which was incredible to see especially after being remote for the past year and a half. Overall, it was an all-around exciting day without a dull moment in between. I am excited for our last site visit at Coke tomorrow morning!